Dev Blog 001

Hello Everyone and welcome to our first dev blog for our RTS,Rhetoric. Rhetoric is going to have a lot of development and we would love to share it with you guys all the way until the end. Our first core feature we are currently working on is the level editor. We want to start giving power to the player as soon as possible and let people test, play, and develop their own levels. The level editor is going to be very simple like putting Lego bricks together. You can place a wide variety of tiles and objects to build the level you want.


Currently we have finished work on the XML to handle all the individual tiles and objects, this will allow us to categorize them easily and add in more tiles / objects in the future. Currently we have Grass, Mud, Dirt, Gravel, Sand, Concrete, Brick, and much more. We have also finished the placement of tiles and added in a grid & ghost to aid in the placement of tiles. Our next goals are to introduce the placement of objects, additional tools, additional controls and saving / loading.

Thanks for reading Dev Blog 1 ~ Nathan Blake