Dev Blog 002

Hello everyone & sorry for the radio silence. We have been very busy since the last dev blog and we have introduced a lot of the features I mentioned in our last blog. To start with I have painstakingly gone through the XML to introduce all of our current objects and tiles to the editor. It was a tedious process, but the XML made it very easy to introduce new objects and the filtering was very simple.

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Object placement is now introduced, you can place objects freely and easily. Object placement is a breeze with ghosting and you can easily create a little area in a few minutes. Scaling and rotation of objects do need to be refined a little, but at the moment it works very nicely and its simple to use. Saving and loading fully works along with a dialogue, you can name your certain levels, save them & open them. Camera movement is now possible with the WSAD keys or Arrows, you can rotate the camera with Q & E, you can also zoom in & out with +– .

So whats next ? Well were gonna focus on introducing some of the tools which are missing, New objects and tiles, Bug fixing and optimization, and possibly environmental effects.

Thanks for reading Dev Blog 2 ~ Nathan Blake