Dev Blog 003

Hello and welcome to Dev blog 003, we have been away busily working on the editor for Rhetoric and introducing tools, optimization and generally improving the editor. We have achieved a lot as mentioned in the previous dev blog and we have a lot to cover.

Tile levels and slanted Tiles

Tile leveling is a new feature to allow the tiles to be stacked to form hills and give the player more creative freedom, this turns boring flat maps into something more interesting. Tile height is currently restricted to 5 and objects can be placed on top of tiles easily. working on getting tiles to slanted is tricky since the texture mapping has to be re – done and there is a lot of tiles to do and not all work unfortunately. Grass will be fully converted over and roads, but some may be left out unfortunately.

Map Size & Optimization

Map size is a big one and something which is important for optimization. We have created 3 presets which are Small, Medium and Large. Why have you done this ? Well, we don’t want absurdly large levels being made and each one of these presets can only occupy a certain amount of players.  Small being 1v1, Medium 2v2, large 4v4. We have also introduced camera bounds in orange for the editor to show how far the camera will see once it hits the edge of the map. I am sure these current presets will change over time and we are always looking for ways to improve.


We have also improved optimization with all tiles combining down into one mesh and one object. This should save draw calls and help the overall performance of the game, but there is still more to do and we are improving the optimization over time.

Additional Controls

We have rebind-ed all the editor controls down to something a lot easier and simple for the user to use and we are continuing to improve this over time. You can now CTRL drag to create large blocks of tiles, you can paint tiles, you can fill in tiles and you can select and manipulate objects. You can move placed objects, you can rotate them 360 degrees or scale them up / down. This enables you to create a level which you want and give you more flexibility.

Whats Next ? 

In the coming months we plan to polish up the editor into a finished state and hopefully start to introduce game play mechanics into our game. There is so much to do, but all of it is possible if we keep persisting forwards and continue with our aims. In the next dev blog you may see home base mechanics and mining stations, we will also have a test editor option functioning.

Thank you once again for reading this dev blog ~ Nathan Blake