Rhetoric 2018 Update


Over the past year we have been working towards finishing off the Rhetoric Level Editor and introducing gameplay so you can create your desired level and play it! We have also given the editor a new lick of paint and changed developer. 

In 2017 we changed developer to Jorge Pacheco Pedraza, Jorge has previously worked on RTS games and is the creator behind Nomad Fleet and Beastmancer. He has been working hard on Rhetoric and is focusing on the level editor and introducing gameplay. In the past month we have implemented base building mechanics and basic unit movement to the game, this unit movement still need a lot of tweaking and we are working on path finding at this time. 

The editor has had a new lick of paint in 2017 and we have introduced loads of features and crushed out any previous bugs. We still have a few bugs present and in 2018 we aim to sand down some of the rough edges and implement more optimization to the level editor. 


We have loads of work planned for 2018 and we hope to show off more gameplay and units this year!