Hold onto your Bacon Butty and prepare yourself for Rhetoric, Enter a world where Egos dominate the world and a shadowy figure named Mam has rose to rule Britain. Mam has crushed the fascist rule of Britain, Crushed the Resistance (if there was any) and has seized control as the true ruler of the United Kingdom.  Mams plans to dominate the world under a thick cloud of chemical gases and destroy any egos which stand in the way. But there are 3 other egos in this world and they all have their own plans….

Features –

  • Sip your tea and battle it out with 4 Factions & Unique Units inspired by Cold War weaponry
  • Prepared to butter your crumpet in a Single Player Campaign
  • If your crumpet is buttered, then slide into Multiplayer Skirmish Battles, Capture the point & More
  • Let your creative juices free in the Level Editor – In-depth level editor for creating and sharing your own levels.