What is Rhetoric ?

Hold onto your Bacon Butty and prepare yourself for Rhetoric, Enter a world where Egos dominate the world and a shadowy figure named Mam has rose to rule Britain. Mam has crushed the fascist rule of Britain, Crushed the Resistance (if there was any) and has seized control as the true ruler of the United Kingdom.  Mams plans to dominate the world under a thick cloud of chemical gases and destroy any egos which stand in the way. But there are 3 other egos in this world and they all have their own plans….

Who is conjuring up Rhetoric ?

Nathan Blake is the founder of IndiePixel & Creator / Designer behind Rhetoric

Coding is handled by Jorge Pacheco Pedraza, the creator behind Nomad Fleet 

When will the war machine start running ?

We have no planned release date at this time, but you can follow us here for dev updates.

What will Rhetoric spawn from  ?

Rhetoric will be for PC & Available on Steam

Steam Early Access ?

Early access definitely ruins the final complete release of a game and we don’t think that it would be suitable for our type of game. We don’t wanna drip feed content, you deserve a complete game to play.

Kick Start the war machine ?

Putting our project up on kick starter is a possibility and something which will be considered.